What's your favorite $5-7000 turntable?

Used is ok. I have a Schröder arm that I can either sell or use with the table. Has to be on a wall shelf so no idlers (I already have one waiting for a bigger house!).


I know a couple of folks locally who dumped their belt drive tables for the Technics SL-2000G (or GAE if you can find it).  One got rid of his Fiekert Woodpecker FWIW.

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I have spent quite a bit of time with a Schroder arm and Grado Aeon 3.  It is the best combination I have every heard on my Sota Nova turntable.  

Rega P10 is my choice in that price range.  I've had mine for almost 2 years and it's a fantastic turntable.  Before the P10, I had its predecessor the RP10.  The P10 is quieter than the RP10 and it has many small but meaningful improvements.  I also have a fully upgraded Linn LP12 (Radikal 2, Karousel, Keel, Ekos SE) but it cost 4 times the P10. 

The P10 is as close to plug-n-play with great sound as you'll get in a analog setup. Unbox it and you'll be up and running in about 10 minutes maximum.  Get the Apheta 3 cartridge in a package deal from a dealer or buy used.  The Rega P10 is a great turntable, tonearm and cartridge that was designed to work together as a system.  I watched an interesting Youtube video this weekend on iconic turntables by Harley Lovegrove at Pearl Acoustics.   I tried to put a link to it but couldn't.   I suggest that you google it.


I watched that video, a charming well spoken man with a huge pro-British bias.