What's your favorite lyric from a song?

Just curious what stays with people...
baby,don't you give me
your words of sweet whiskey
something, is crawling
over me quickly
but I'm no longer
twisted and tied to
The slacker-Red light NYC ska, baby
From Paul Weller's wildwood album

"like mercury gliding,
a silver teardrop that falls,
and I can't catch her,
through my fingers she's gone"

... from "Foot of the Mountain".

"We used to meet each others eyes,
and that's all we'd have to say,
now we don't talk that much at all,
the further our eyes seem to stray"

...... from "all the pictures on the wall"
interesting and sophisticated
refusing to be celebrated
it's a monumental big screen kiss
it's so deep it's meaningless. t hip

is it rainin in new york
down fifth avenue
or on broadway after dark
love the lights, don't you b ferry

the delivery is half the appeal.........
Ani DeFranco's anti-gun song, "To the Teeth" when she's talking about who we should really be opening-fire upon:

open fire on each weapons manufacturer
while he's giving head
to some republican senator

And here's the whole song, for your reading pleasure.....dedicated today to Michael Moore!!

"To The Teeth"

the sun is settin on the century
and we are armed to the teeth
we are all working together now
to make our lives mercifully brief
schoolkids keep trying to teach us
what guns are all about
confuse liberty with weaponry
and watch your kids act it out
every year now like Christmas
some boy gets the mildfed suburban blues
reaches for the available arsenal
and saunters off to make the news
and women in the middle
are learning what poor women have always known
that the edge is closer than you think
when your men bring the guns home

look at where the profits are
that's how you'll find the source
of the big lie that you and i
both know so well
it the time it takes this cultural
death wish to run its course
they're gonna make a pretty penny
and then they're all going to hell
he said the chickens all come home to roost
yeah, Malcolm forecasted this flood
are we really gonna sleep through another century
while the rich profit off our blood?
true, it may take some doing
to see this undoing done
but in my humble opinion
here's what i suggest we do:

open fire on Hollywood
open fire on MTV
open fire on NBC
and CBS and ABC
open fire on the NRA
and all the lies they told us
along the way
open fire on each weapons manufacturer
while he's giving head
to some republican senator

and if i hear one more time
about fool's rights
to his tools of rage
I'm gonna take all my friends
and i'm gonna move to Canada
and we're gonna die of old age

A few one liners that come to mind:

"The door is open but the ride 'aint free" - Springsteen Thunder Road

"The piano has been drinking, not me" - Tom Waits