What's your favorite lyric from a song?

Just curious what stays with people...
Theres a Hole in Daddys arm,where all the Money Goes,Jesus Christ died for nothing i suppose;Sam Stone,,,John Prine
She dont like her eggs all runny,she thinks crossin her legs is funny,she looks down her nose at money,she gets it on like the easter bunny,shes my baby,im her honey,im never gonna let her go;In Spite of Ourselves,,John Prine
the rusty wire that holds the core that keeps the anger in... gives way and suddenly its day again. (two suns in the sunset, Pink Floyd)

the sun is not yellow its chicken. (Dylan)
From John Hartford's "Mark Twain" album..... "Don't leave your records in the sun, they warp and won't be good for anyone"
Who else is gonna bring you
A broken arrow
Who else is gonna bring you
A bottle of rain
There he goes, moving across the water
There he goes turning my whole
world around

Robbie Robertson - Broken arrow.