What's your favorite lyric from a song?

Just curious what stays with people...
Of course ,to clarify, that is my favorite if Katharine McPhee were sitting on my lap singing it to me!
She came onto him like a slow movin' cold front -- His beer was warmer than the look in her eyes
John Hiatt
Your father made fetuses
With flesh licking ladies
While you and your mother
Were asleep in the trailer park

-Neutral Milk Hotel
"You tell that you've heard every sound there is,
and you bird is green,
but you can't hear me,
you can't hear me!"

Lennon/McCartney 1966
"A case of You", on Blue by Joni Mitchell, helped me through the teenage Angst

"Guitar Town" by Steve Earl, has there been a better song about being trapped in a small town and longing for life to begin