What's your favorite lyric from a song?

Just curious what stays with people...
"Who the hell you calling crazy? You wouldn't know what crazy was if Charles Manson was eating Fruit Loops on your front porch..." from Suicidal Tendencies' song 'You Can't Bring Me Down' off of their 'Lights...Camera...Revolution!' album
Just saw this thread...

Have to agree with :

03-07-04: Woodman
From Ray Wylie Hubbard's The Messenger:
"Our fears are like dragons guarding our most precious treasures." (And he's quoting the French poet Relke)

Also, from Sheryl Crow,
"If you'd like to reach me, leave me alone"
(And he's quoting the French poet Relke)

Rainer Maria Rilke was born in Prague and wrote in German. It is indeed a quote from Rilke, you got that part right. One of my favorite writers - his letters are quite beautiful.

I had one that was brought to mind just the other day; a line from an XTC song:

I ask myself should I put my finger to the left, no
I ask myself should I put my finger to the right, no
I say it really doesn't matter where I put my finger
Someone else will come along and move it
And it's always been the same
It's just a complicated game

Alice Cooper's "School's Out": "We cant even think of a word that rhymes!"--Mrmitch