What's your favorite lyric from a song?

Just curious what stays with people...

First line, 

"Honey, don't you be yelling at me when I'm cleaning my gun.

I'll wash the blood off the tailgate when deer seasons's done......."

and then later down the song,

"So if monsignor should pull you aside as you're leaving the church

And I'm out on the ice, dropping lines for the walleye and perch

Tell him it's not your job to bring me to the fold

And I'd rather stand outside in the cold".

Another great song from James McMurtry


I'm surprised you don't like this hard edged version, I prefer it to the 1966 original.

Of course that's the Kinks themselves, live from their 1996 album, To the Bone. Sounds like Ray on vocals although Dave has covered it himself on occasion.

This is the version made famous by its appearance on The Sopranos episode according to Wiki.

"The track, amongst many others, was reworked by the Kinks for their 1996 release To the Bone. This version featured in the Sopranos season five episode "Cold Cuts".

Just goes to show what versality that bands like the Beatles and the Kinks had. When they wanted to rock, they could rock as hard as anyone.

Jeez cd318, I only listened for about 30 seconds a couple of days ago, but I would never have guessed that it was the Kinks performing. The original version has Dave performing the vocal which was pretty unusual.

Political World Bob Dylan

We live in a political world
Where mercy walks the plank
Life is in mirrors
Death disappears
Up the steps into the nearest bank.



Thankfully music can provide a welcome respite but there's no way of escaping the fact in 2022.