What's your favorite MFSL

I love most of my MFSL's, but the stand out for me has to be Muddy Walters
'Folk Singer'.. what's yours?
I should at least learn to spell.
I guess my favorite MFSL is the Sinatra box set.
"Touch" is very good.. also the Crusaders "Chain Reaction", Joe Sample "Rainbow Seeker", Supertramp's "Crime of the Century"
ELP's "Trilogy" on MFSL is the only listenable version..no distortion or clipping/mistracking of cutting stylus.. unlike other pressings...
Yes "Close to the Edge" is cleaned up ALOT on the MFSL, easier on the ear than the US pressing.
I agree also Moodies "Seventh Sojourn" better pressing on MF... Oh almost forgot.. Alan Parsons "Tales Imagination/Edgar Allen Poe" is TREMENDOUS. "I Robot" not bad either.
The best MFSL re-issues are those from the old "Mobile Fidelity" before Music Direct bought the company.
Here are a few more I like: Gordon Lightfoot/Sundown,and some new ones, Alison Krauss/So long so wrong, Cowboy Junkies/Whites off earth now, Madeleine Peyroux/Careless love.
I avoid to listen MFSL whenever I can but the Folk Singer - quite spectacular - and the Cat Stevens TftT are among the better ones.