What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?

What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?  It can be cables, tweaks, components etc.  Also, please share why you purchased, what it replaced, and any additional tips and insights regarding your purchase.  

I hoping for this to be enjoyable and educational, so please be civil of other’s opinions and choices.


recent ...

Joseph Perspective2 Graphene

Creek Voyage i20

Creek Voyage CD

already had ... Clearaudio Emotion SE turntable with Clearaudio

Maestro v2 Ebony cartridge

I'm done (forever)



Got a pair of Audio Nirvana 8" neodymium coming in tomorrow. I like to experiment with drivers in different cabinets, and these will start out in a back loaded horn cabinet.  I may try them in a sealed enclosure, but the manufacturer doesn't recommend it. I have had three different models of this driver where one used a ferrite magnet and the other an ALNICO (it also had a whizzer cone). The third one was coaxial, and I  Did  Not  LIke  It.  Differences to be sure. This is what I like to do and won't be stopping anytime soon.

Lumin T2 streamer/DAC. Used. 6 months old. Picking it up next week. Upgrading my Node 2i which I was running through my McIntosh c2500 tube pre using the Mc built in DAC. it was OK but I’m ready for an improvement. I have Bel Canto Stream and DAC on another system (Sugden/Harbeth) which I’m very happy with so I wanted something at least on a par with that.

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REGA  Aethos int. Amp.

Why?  I was drunk at 2:00 AM and POOFF!!.  Woke up the next day and I realized/saw I spent five grand!! 😢

Still have a Coincident Dynamo MKIII tube SET int. amp.

Actually the Aethos is a great sounding piece but, with a few minor/annoying flaws.