what's your opinion on the magazine 'stereo review'??

i started reading 'stereo review' back in the early 70's untill they retired. i used to buy their magazine every month. whatever i know about stereo equipment is what i've read in their magazine! any thoughts after all these years???
I subscribed for 5-6 years starting in 1980. I had no money to speak of, so the equipment reviews were entertainment for me. I did like the music reviews. I liked Steve Simels in particular. When I could scrape the money together, I purchased a few of his recommendations, and I don’t remember being disappointed. He still has a music blog. 
The only good thing about Stereo Review was the speaker reviews because they had to actually LISTEN to them.  Everything else was based on measurements.  If a $200 receiver measured the same as a $5,000 amp, they sounded the same.  I guess they never bothered to conduct a listening test of hardware.  Stupidity.  
I liked Stereo Review because they wrote about affordable equipment.  I subscribe to Stereophile and the Absolute Sound but can't afford 90% of the equipment they review!
Several posted links to american radio history.  This is a great site that has a downloadable library of SR, and High Fidelity, and Audio, and many other wonderful magazines.   Take some time and go through the back issues, paying specific attention to the period of about 1956-1965.  In the beginning, magazines were honest about reporting the actual quality of equipment under test.  Prose was polite, but there was no doubt if a component was deemed good, bad or average.  J Gordon Holt wrote for High Fidelity before starting Stereophile.  He left HF after a wrote a bad (but accurate) review, and an advertiser pulled ad spending.  Roy Allison was a frequent contributor to Audio magazine during this period.  By 1959 or 60 all were publishing specs and test results to support what they wrote.  Surprising how the test results often corresponded what we hear when listing to vintage components.  EX:  ABC integrated amp is rolled off in the bass- there it is on the FR graph- down 10db at 20hz.   Or DEF receiver needs a few DB of bass/treble adjustment to measure and sound "flat".   Back then, test results were used to confirm what was heard.  By 1965 SS was all the rage, and SS equipment measured flat, with vanishing levels of distortion, and indeed all amps sounded more or less the same because differences were now at the margins.  And that was enough for most listeners.  Eyeballs and ad money determine profits, and writing for the person signing the check is an easy way to get paid.  Hirsch was in interesting character.  He started in the mid 50's an published the Audio League Journal.  This publication pulled no punches when it came to reviewing !  He praised quality, and damned the turds.  He actually heard differences between components !   With the formation of HH Labs, and their eventually becoming a contract test lab, they sought to serve their paymasters, and the rest is history.