What's your picks

Object: 12x15 ft room in an apartment 

Product: speakers 

Budget : $1-2k  (new or used)

What would you try to place in this design & budget?

(No sub will be used)

Looking for ideas. I listen to ALL genres of music.


Magnepan LRS+ or .7 ....Magnepans can be great in apartment as their bass travels less through walls and floors...yes they are big, but you can easily slide away from wall when needed...

At that price point, I really liked the KEF LS50 metas.  You can find them used for around $1k

JBL 4309's come to mind. They have received many favorable reviews and can be had on sale for $1400. They are typically $2k.

Buchardt Audio S400 MKIIs......about $1,700 used. I've had them for a couple of years, and am still loving their sound. Wide and high soundstage (though average on depth), really good instrument location and separation, nice tight and detailed bass, and extraordinary mids, vocals are a standout. There are dozens of positive reviews to be found.

They do not have a port, but instead have a passive radiator which allows them to be close to the front wall....I have mine about 14" right now.