What's your profession? Age?

Just thought after the "how much is your system worth" post that it would be nice to see what all these people do to get $80K systems, and perhaps how long it takes. I'm a 29-year old economist for the gov., just completeed my Ph.D. last month, and my system is at about $10K. Just a pup hoping to keep upgrading...
I own a Fertilizer & farm chemical co in the mid west.  I'm 66 yrs old & filled my first fertilizer, anhydrous ammonia, tank when I was 12.  My system is around $22K.
An update to my previous post. I seem to have over stated the good stuff, but my body has has slightly less metal in it than my TT platter (10kgs). Virtually every joint and rods and screws up and down my back.

I am having the time of my life. Yes. Living on Oxy at high doses plus more. Pain is 10 every day but it is just normal. My lovely wife fell and snapped the right shoulder humerus from the joint ball. 2 days ago had a plate and numerous screws (8 I think) and will be in a sling for 6 weeks. Night before I was to drive her to the hospital I fell and dislocated my hip, a metal one. Not good for both of us. Then there is cancer...

I have a good system, we love it, and we have diverted our down time to music we love. We live in an nice place and are blessed for it.

I just wanted to show that there is a back story to all of us that we are not aware of.

It’s not how big our stuff is, but how we as people, but appreciate life and get the best out of the time and lives we have left.

Cheers and prayers to everyone. A 🇦🇺
I just turned 71, and am retired from working in architect-engineer consulting for military clients. I got interested in audio stuff in the early 70s, had various systems over the years and then none at all for a while. Oddly enough this guy's web site...


...got me going again shortly after I retired in 2011, and now I've got a dedicated listening room, all the stuff you can read about on my system page, and have spent quite a bit of time and not too much money on room treatments. I'm in the process of gradually buying again all the vinyl I gave away years ago.
73 years old, custom cabinet and furniture maker, six systems are set up in our house, all connected through Bluesound nodes.  Living room system - $90K.  Family room system - $37K.  Remaining systems - around $8-10K each. Racks of surplus equipment and speakers in climate controlled garage, including Heathkit, Luxman, McIntosh, Thorens, Everest DD67000, JBL 4350, L-300, Revel Studio 2,  Probably forty pieces of electronics, couple dozen pairs of speakers.  All totaled, a lot cheaper than the required amount of psychotherapy that would have been required. 

Nobody has posted here for a long time, so I thought I would just sneak on in and maybe no one would notice. I turn 73 this year and am a retired Family physician (reading through the years of posts I noticed there were a few of us). I started collecting music when I was 12 and have never stopped. In 1972/73 while we were still undergraduates, my live with girlfriend (still my wife) decided that I needed something better to play my records on, did a little research and bought me a Sonographe TT for my birthday. She loves music but has never cared about equipment and these days is a little uncomfortable with how complicated and expensive it all is so she sticks to the Sonos system in the kitchen. We still hear a lot of live music, except for pandemic pause and this year have seen X, Dar Williams, Peter Rowan, Lord Huron, Oregon Symphony 4 times and see Beach House tomorrow and Fontaines DC in May.

I guess at this point the living room system is somewhere between $45k-55K, but I continue to want physical discrete objects containing recorded music and I have around 14,000 pieces of vinyl maybe a little more and about 9500 CDs plus a handful of SACD. Now my wife, who is better at numbers limits me to 250 new CDs a year and my friend who is a contractor specializing in old homes when he isn't retired worries about the weight over our heads on the third floor. Kids 2 both in their 30s doing well in their own lives, the horses have all gone to heaven and we love our dogs, cat a little less so. I made over $100,000 one year of my working life and less than $75,000 most years but got to do something I loved in many different situations, Community Clinics (Zen Center of Los Angeles), free clinics, immigrant clinics at churches, self-owned private practice, Teaching in a Family Medicine Residency, and working for a large Catholic Health system. Encountered many characters, wonderful humans an a few but only a few I could have done without. I would have done it longer except for a head injury that put an end to it after 30years as a doc. Took over two years to recover as much as I was able which is good enough for me.                                                    Old Bear, Craig