What's your profession? Age?

Just thought after the "how much is your system worth" post that it would be nice to see what all these people do to get $80K systems, and perhaps how long it takes. I'm a 29-year old economist for the gov., just completeed my Ph.D. last month, and my system is at about $10K. Just a pup hoping to keep upgrading...


I should add that health care in this country was and is broken and hard both for many people living in this country and for most of the people who work in health care as dedicated as most of them are and it takes a toll, I had some bad habits at times and struggled often with my own historical demons, leaving me with Type II diabetes, some heart issues, high blood pressure and long term dysthymia with intermittent major depression, My wife who was also a Family physician and has always been steadier and healthier(mostly) kept at it until last year and one of my kids is a Family physician.

                               Best Regards, Old Bear, Craig

I have been working as a programmer in a huge database for many years. I am currently developing how to start an app like uber , for example

Lots of great back stories. Me, I'm an attorney, 57, and just started up in this hobby about 2 years ago (though I did have an Adcom system in the early 90's purchased at Stereo Exchange on Broadway in NYC). Covid prompted me to find a stationary activity.  Main system is now about 40k retail, office and patio systems about 5k each.  However, I bought most of these pieces pre-owned after much research here and around the web.  Couldn't have put together anything close to as nice as what I have without the knowledge and enthusiasm offered here.  My family is only just beginning to suspect that this hobby may at some point require an intervention -- so far, all is good.