What's your profession? Age?

Just thought after the "how much is your system worth" post that it would be nice to see what all these people do to get $80K systems, and perhaps how long it takes. I'm a 29-year old economist for the gov., just completeed my Ph.D. last month, and my system is at about $10K. Just a pup hoping to keep upgrading...
Good to see this thread revived! I'm a recruiter with a $+60k main system I can't afford, but enjoy. Nasdaq is NOT helping.
Insurance claims adjuster, residential fire damage. 51 yrs old. Total system (new retail) value of $16,935.00, including wires. I'm done for a while except I may replace the Creek passive pre-amp with an active. Will never give up my Air Tight 300B amp, would like to find another (used) for bi-amping.
new job and be older, so that I will have to re-post my answer every once in a while!! :)
Greetings gentle readers,
I'm a 54 year old Gemini (with Scorpio rising) and work as a technical consultant for a German car company. The real job breakdown would be that one of our dealer technicians can't fix "your" car and calls me to pass the buck. I have no-one to pass the buck to and so every phone call from the dealer is an interesting challenge. I don't always have an answer, some days a full moon is my best shot at a fix.

My current system is worth about 15K retail but my software expenditure is obscene. I love this site and the diverse personalities it harbors.