What say you binding posts or direct wire?

If I can get away with it I don't use BP. I find even the best like Mundorfs etc all sound inferior to direct wiring. Seems illogical to me to use costly cables hooked up to a binding post and then having just hook up wire after the posts. I get better-sounding results just by using quality speaker cable wired directly into my networks with the same cable type after to transducer. 


Anyone tried GR Research Electra tube connectors that Danny touts?  I use Parts Express BPs on my DIY speakers and Madisound’s 15 ga Swedish wire for all internals and solder everything except at the driver terminals, where it’s  crimp connections. Am I potentially suffering FOMO?

Referring to binding posts on speakers. But if one wants I could see where a soldered connection no posts on an amp would most likely be an improvement it would just be a bit impractical to have to desolder amp from speaker to move it. A directly wired speaker is easy to move just roll up the cable. I can see where most couldn't explore a no-posts direct wired speaker but if you DIY a speaker it's a great option to explore. I tend to use fairly high-quality wire when I do so and keep it all the same and eliminate the many extra connections BP requires. 


If wire made of gold or platinum it could work. Copper or silver will oxidised on air  shortly and contact will be compromised. 

Dear @johnk  : You are just rigth. The best connector is NO-connector at all.


In my system I only have the essential whole connectors.


The speakers are hard wired from each driver directly to the external crossover hand from here hard wired to the amps output Fisher connectors.

The amps are hard wired at its inputs directly to the phonolinepreamp output connectors and all the power line cables are hard wired from inside the electronics to the fully regulated power line. Inclusive I take out all the input power fuses.


Yes, there are high differences for the better in quaklity levels.


Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,


@carlsbad Hoping you see this. I would be very interested in getting a bit more info on how you make your binding posts. I have been wanting to do something similar. Thanks.