What screen to buy with $1500?????

Hi: I have a small room, completely dark and no more than 2 people will watch DVDs in there form 10' away, thus fully centered. I have US$1500 to spend (new). Is it better to buy a small 20-24" LCD or Plasma, a 34-36" regular wide-screen CRT (Sony Wega) or a 40" rear projection CRT? what make or model? I will use component cabling from a McCormack UDP-1.

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I have a similar situation as you, and I bouht the Sony wega XBR Trinitron (wide) and we LOVE it!
Thanks. One more question: does the "mass" that corresponds to the CRT TV create any "damage" to the soundstage, in 2ch audio or even in 5.1? do I have to have my front speakers postionned so they create a front line before the TV screen?
Some say for critical listening, to cover the front of the screen with a blanket...but by no means should that detail keep you from wanting the best picture you can acheive!

P.s. I never cover my TV, I do get some reflections, but it doesnt bother me.