What selections do you play when showing off your system to others?

I find that when I'm having someone listen to my system that I usually play the same 4 or 5 selections. I tend to lean towards vocals and acoustic presentations. Mine are as follows:

Hold That Line- Tedeschi Trucks Band

Roadhouse and Automobiles- Chris Jones

The Hunter- Jennifer Warnes

River Blues- Eric Bibb

Flight of the Hippo- Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

It's All in the Game- Merle Haggard

Your Bright Baby Blues- Jackson Browne

What are yours?




I play em whatever it is that they like. Because it is all about the listener, and the music. Technically, the recording. Emotionally, the connection between the artist and the listener. Can't get that if the listener isn't listening. So I always try and play em whatever they like.


I’ve found the best way to show my system off to others is to let them control the queue. While the listener may appreciate analyzing the music you play, they will likely not resonate emotionally with it because they don’t know it very well.

That said, I do have a number of test tracks I use for myself to evaluate performance for customers when they visit, which I also use for myself when I am swapping or repositioning anything in my system.

The list below is just a few of what I would recommend to others. 

S.M.F. - Joe Satriani

Invitation (MFSL Remaster) - Patricia Barber

You Shook Me (2014 Remaster) - Led Zeppelin

Ain’t No Use (2007 Remaster) - Sarah Vaughan

Slow Meadow - Artificial Algorithm

For the Love of a Princess - 2Cellos

Black Magic Woman (MFSL) - Santana

San Andreas Fault (MFSL) - Natalie Merchant

Rooting for You - London Grammar

My Home is in the Delta (AP Remaster) - Muddy Waters

You Are Too Beautiful - John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman

Snegoruchka - Minnesota Orchestra

No Sanctuary - Chris Jones

Blue Rondo a la Turk (AP Remaster) - Dave Brubeck

You Only Live Twice - Bill Frisell & Thomas Morgan

The Summer: 3. Presto - Avi Avital

Off the top of my head, any Harmonia Mundi France LP. Lots of banging. Lots of bells & plucked strings. 3d to die for.