What separate tube phono stage do you use ?

Allnic, Manley and Herron are quite common. Interested in what else is out there that is not mentioned often. Good enough performance at the level of entry level Allnic and above. Lamm is great, I know.
VAC does make the Renaissance Phono preamp as well as their Statement Phono pre.  My VAC Renaissance performs well above its price IMO but then again I don’t have the funding to discover out how much better the Statement actually could be...
I have a Zesto Andros 1.2 that was bought used and really like the unit.  Very low noise floor and little apparent distortion, uses 4x12AX7.  Can be switched between MM and MC inputs, lots of loading options on the MC input.  MC gain is via transformers, Jensen JT 44s..  I have one turntable into the MC input and my other turntable with a diy SUT using Jensen JT 347 transformers into the MM input.  
The Andros Deluxe adds a balanced output requiring a slightly different circuit and uses JT 347 transformers for the MC input.
Accuphase C-37.   wonderful sounding phono stage with 3 inputs that save the settings and the MM stage has 100K as well as 47K.

I used to own the Pass XP25 and Esoteric E-03.   the Accuphase handily sounds better.

I would think that 55db gain is way too high for most or all MM and MI cartridges. Usually it’s around 40db ? But maybe Ralph’s preamps can be customized to change the gain.
The phono section has an unusually high overload margin so you can run a MM direct, but we also offer a jumper plug that replaces a tube in the phono section; this knocks the gain down to a more manageable level for high output cartridges.
MP3 preamp into Gryphon Diablo integrated. Diablo has passive preamp. Why would I want it ? Well, if I decided to have, temporarily or permanently, solid state power amp my choice would be Gryphon, but I wouldn't be able to afford Gryphon power amp even used. So basically I would want just the power amp section of the Diablo, or older Callisto and Atilla. I took a look, Gryphon's input impedance is 10 kohm RCA and 40 kohm XLR.

FWIW the MP-3 has no worries driving a 10K input impedance. The output can also be configured to drive single-ended.
Ralph, thank you, you've been most helpful. No need to use single ended with Gryphon. I bet, this would an excellent match.