What should be mandatory in every professional published review-

When testing a company's newest amp, preamp, etc, and it is a refinement of a prior product that was on the market, ie, a Mark II, an SE version, a .2 etc, it should be mandatory that the review includes a direct comparison with the immediate predecessor. IMHO, it's not enough to know ion the product is good; it's also important to know if there is a meaningful difference with the immediate predecessor.

I'm  fan of Pass Labs, and I just looked at a review of an XP22 preamp. I find it very disturbing that there was no direct comparison between the XP22 and the XP20. And this lack of direct comparison is ubiquitous in hi-end published reviews, across all brands of gear tested. I don't blame the gear manufacturers, but rather the publications as I view this as an abdication of journalistic integrity.


Opinions welcome- 


One major practical issue is that ow the reviewer needs to be familiar with the previous unit.  Or, now his/her work is at least doubled, to in effect, review two products.  In the end, most will not really want that review.  They want to hear about something totally new to them.


And regulating reviews?  Yikes.  what kind of shirt ought i wear if i undertake that task?  Is a tennis shirt ok? Or is a music Hawaiian required?  Hard to say....

I took this a question of what one wants in a review not exactly a mandatory edict. It’s not “communist” yet! Assuming most of the peeps here are Euro or American. 

Most of you donno no English and no math unfortunately.

A professional is a person possessing a skill to make a living on.

For example "Truck Driver".