What SOLID STATE preamp recommended for the JC-1?

What SOLID STATE preamp[s] would you most recommend for the Parasound JC-1 monoblocks?
Agree with Bryceeboy that the Blowtorch is superb, and the way to go if you can swing it. However, for quite a bit less money, the GamuT C2R is a very nice unit. I'm a dealer for the Parasound JC-1's as well as for GamuT.

Best of luck in your quest,

Yep, the Blowtorch is expensive and only sold direct, custom built to order.....It has been lots of fun to build something that is closer to art than anything else in the marketplace, but few are interested other than as a curiousity about what can be achieved.....We built it for ourselves and if we sell some that is OK, but treat any profits like found money......I have over a dozen Blowtorch customers who use it to drive JC-1s.....Pretty much a match made in heaven.....Ah, now for the good news as looks like CTC will design a preamp for Parasound in the next year or two.....No, it won't be a Blowtorch, but it will offer great value for the bucks involved as does all the Parasound gear......