What song best sums up the previous year?

Is there a song that stands out to you that for any reason sums up the year 2005?
"Don't Let me be misunderstood" is the most memorable song I had. I remembered the first time I heard it from a DEMO CASSETTE TAPE when I bought my Nakamichi 680ZX cassette deck during the early 80s. That song was sung by a black singer(I imagine so! ) wish someone out there can really help me who that singer is.
There are a number versions of that song, Buynow:
Eric Burdon & the Animals (probably the one you refer to)
Nina Simone
Elvis Costello

...and I'm sure there are more.


For you it was 680zx and for me it was Nakamichi 700 Tri-Tracer!
Well this is my THIRD attempt to join this thread: My vote for song summing up the year for the country is B.Y.O.B(Bring Your Own Bombs) by System of a Down. With a rippeng roar of "Why do they always send the poor". "why doesn't the President fight the war, why do they always send the poor" pretty much sums up the WAR. Well Nrchy wether it's Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Wolfy, it seems that the Neo Cons have taken over the Gov, especially sence Bush says his not beholden to laws enacted by Congress, for things like torture. When will this country stop invading others under false pretenses for Wall Street. Whatever happen to Kennedy's idea of no Pax American inflicted by weapons of war, now we see this as the only solution. SAD

Personally though for me it was a good year, with attending a SUN Dance at the sacred pipestone quarries. I caught the last three days of dancing, and for me those Sun Dance songs were the best of my year! I can still feel that drum beat when I think back to dancing in +100 degree heat. To me this is where it's at. Dennis Banks(AIM) said that the soldiers should just replace their American Flags with Bechtel Logos, kind of sums it up for me. True it's to the point and Black and White but the Internet is not really the medium for true communication. Nrchy I too have wondered if I belong here too, but feel it's just as good as being a catalyst as anything else.

Yes it is a true blessing!

When you sum up a whole year with a negative statement, that would be miserable to me. But I guess others thrive on negative, so maybe they are negative and happy. Good for them. Or maybe they are unhappy that Bush won 2 out of 2 elections.