What song best sums up the previous year?

Is there a song that stands out to you that for any reason sums up the year 2005?
My apologies as I'm not sure this is in the same context of Nrchy`s question. But for me being a relative newcomer to Lucinda Williams music Id purchased her latest CD "Live at Fillmore" in or around September '05'and hearing many of the towns and locations in her music at the same time hurricane Katrina slammed into the Louisiana coastline bordered on the surreal, really kinda odd in a strange sort of way- albeit great music all the same.But I guess for me personally this disc will always bring back that memory of those unfortunate enough to be caught in Katrina's path.Nice thread;Regards-Tim W.
Best Post so far on this thread:

"01-23-06: Papertrail
If we all knew half as much as we think we do, we would all be twice as smart as we really are. Present company included. One thing I have learned---the longer I live the less I am sure about what I do know."

I had to go through the same thing (minus the legal part) at the beginning of last year. I'm glad 2005 is over. Someone else can have it.

Hang in there - it gets much better (you know but it's good to hear anyway) - it just seems to take forever sometimes.

Take care!
Third try... Randy Newman's 'Political Science' and Kingston Trio's 'Merry Minuet'. Interesting that I can't get posted but others can make what are, arguably, very provocative comments.
Rob, Thanks. I think I thought of that, but I could stand to be corrected. Usually my best ideas were thought of by somebody before me anyway. As the good book says, "there's nothing new under the sun".