What song is your fav.Emmylou cut???

I got into E* from listening to her first big studio album. My son bought this and we traded---I can't remember what I gave??,maybe 2 albums to be named later?? Just about every cut is my one of my favs.--"Boulders to Birmingham"-Then we have "Tulsa Queen" off q/moon 10-cent town.--That is my pick;what's yours?
Couple of my favorites are Lucinda William's "Sweet Old World" from Wrecking Ball and Everly Bros.' "So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)" from Last Date. She sure feels Lucinda's pain on "Sweet Old World"--what a great interpretation.

I haven't listened to Red Dirt Girl (or anything newer than that that might feature her own songs), but when I think of Emmylou, I think, thank God for terrific singers who know terrific songs when they see'em and can bring them to life in their own way. One of the "values" that emerged from the rock era that I think is not so valid, especially when applied to other genres, is that a performer isn't a first class artist if they don't come up with their own music. Artists like EH don't need to write and perform their own stuff to elevate their artistic standing. (But this is not a comment on EH's own stuff one way or the other.)
Speaking of writing music, the song on her solo "Stumble into Grace" cd titled "Strong Hand" is quite remarkable as a piece of writing and as a performance. One of my current favs. And there's lots of good stuff on Trio and Trio 2. The Western Wall with ELH and LR as a duo is not nearly as good.
I like many of Emmylou's cuts but "Millworker" has always stopped me in my tracks.

Saw her at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia this year and she was great although she didn't do "Millworker."
Emmylow has always done some of my favorite songs with another grest artist, Steve Earle. Her song on 'Brother Where art Thou ' is also very good. Favorite album Red Dirt Girl.
I love em all but I am really taken by her recent album with Mark Knopfler, All The Roadrunning. Just a great collection of tunes, wonderfully arranged, great production. The interplay between the two of them is terrific - try the title track, or my favorites This Is Us and If This Is Goodby.

It feels like they are soulmates - one can only wonder at what the back story might be.

BTW the live CD/DVD is enjoyable (I have always found her easy to look at) but not up to the studio album IMHO