DON'T DIVORCE a song from the perspective of a child https://youtu.be/FFbSR5OLcQs
OP: 'touches your heart'.

Many people see The Carpenters as pretty much pulp, but Karen's plaintive but confident aspiration in 'We've Only Just Begun' is cast into harsh focus with her death just a few years later from anorexia.

That is an extreme example because of the reference in the lyric to the terrible ending but listening to the end-scene work of musicians who died young brings out the emotion. There are so far far too many of them but for me it's Sandy Denny, John Lennon, Frank Zappa, George Harrison.

And Roy Orbison whose soaring high tenor, intact to the end, on his final album and the Wilburys somehow evokes the pain of facing early death.

Amazing Grace. When my grandmother sang it.. Still hear it to this day. Playing the piano and singing in Moody Texas Local Baptist Church 1966 (close).

 That a great story! Amazing Grace is as good as a heart touching song gets. And to hear your grandma sing it in church. What a memory! Are you familiar with John Newton, the author of the song? That's a story as amazing as the song. He was the captain of a slave ship. On a particularly rough journey he believed it was God's wrath poured out on him. He gave his life to Christ. The song was a result of his conversion. The original title was "Faith's Review and Expectation"