What Songs Do You Have Several Renditions Of?

I have multiple renditions each of "Make It With You" and "Stella By Starlight".
Buconero, have you actually listened to all 985 versions of that song? It would take you 65.6 hours, almost 3 days, to play every version just once if the song is 4 minutes long.

I cannot imagine wanting to hear the same song performed 985 times. You must have *incredible* stamina, maybe a Triathlon is in your future???

Well, I see their are some skeptics about the 985. First time I heard the song was in 1956, Joni James, mono LP. Took it to college along with three other LP's. Still play Joni's version at least once a week.
I have at least two dozen versions of Gershwins' "Summertime" from the Zombies to Miles Davis. Probably at least two dozen versions of "Tobbaco Road".

I'm trying to have a collection of "Wayfaring Stranger." The Johnny Cash and Eva Cassidy versions are nice recordings of genius. The Neko Case version also fine. Suggestions welcome.