What Songs Do You Have Several Renditions Of?

I have multiple renditions each of "Make It With You" and "Stella By Starlight".

"Faded Love" - favorites are Delaney Bramlett and Doug Sahm's.

"Iko Iko" - The Dixie Cups, Cyndi Lauper and Dr. John are standouts

"Bach Cello Suites" - All good but the Martin Zeller and Zuill Bailey are current favorites
I have about a dozen versions of "Wayfaring Stranger" which has long been a favorite. Another favorite is "High Flying Bird" with at least a dozen versions and then there is Tobbacco Road where I must have a couple dozen or more versions.

Hey Sfar

You didn't like the "Iko Iko" rendition from Zap Mama? That one I find most enjoyable. Whenever I need to smile I put that one on.

As for me I have multiple renditions of Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode. I've got the original version, too many re-mixes I can remember, Marilyn Manson's version as well as Johnny Cash's rendition.

Both The Neville Bros. and The Dead made Iko Iko a staple of their live shows. I guess I have a bunch of "Iko"s (Iko, Iko, Iko, Iko.....), too.