What Sonically is the Difference between a $1,500 CD Player and a $10K-$25K One?

I realize opinions may vary, but if I could give an example of two CD players perhaps someone can give me their thoughts on the cost benefits of either one? What would be the difference in your opinion between say a Cambridge Audio Azur 851C CD Player and the Gryphon Scorpio S CD Player? And are the difference truly audible or more technical and rather indiscernible through human hearing?

In general, what makes a CD player (other than build components) 10x more costly than a decently built one other than features?
Well, in these day & age anyone should first consider a SSD-HD as a source. My Weiss MAN-301 plays Music with a focus and a pace that my Esoteric X-05 cannot match. The HD storage is a SSD by Samsung, and FW800 cables connect the HD to the Weiss. Both the balanced analog and the SPDIF digital output of the Esoteric are vastly inferior to the balanced Weiss digital output, as played into a Benchmark DAC3 DX. This is it for my ears and auditory cortex
My 2010 CDP sounds great which at the time cost 1K~1.5K. I have listened to TT and other CDP setups costing 10K, 20K, 30K, 40K, and even more and I am very happy with my CDP setup. The new model of this CDP costs 1K more but I haven’t listened to it as yet. Guess I am happy with my current CDP setup, although the CDT (a cheap Sony unit) could be better. I also have an older 1996 CDP setup (cost about 4.5K) which is also sounds great (perhaps a little better with less features). So I have been enjoying CDP/digital since then and I listen to a variety of music genres. I also have 3 TTs but rarely listen to them. The source and source setup is your choice and it is good to have choices, enjoy.
There's no difference between a $50 and $5,000 one, except for the fancier box.