What speaker cable made a major difference in the sound quality of your speakers??

I am curious what speaker cables made a big "jaw dropping difference" in the sound quality of your current speakers.  What most impressed you about the difference;  that is, overall musicality, tighter, deeper bass, midrange clarity and soundstage depth, etc.etc. 

Keep the price of the speaker cables chosen or auditioned at  between $800- $1000 or  from  $1000-$1500. Was the cable bought new or used??

  Thank you,   SJ

When you place Orthofeet under speakers have you noticed any walking?
Try Cabledyne. As much as I love the sound of Tempo Electric, the Cabledyne Silver Synergy SCs have the tightest focus regarding imaging I've heard in my system. Their a natural pairing with my new Kinki integrated and are very well made. 

They weren't as open or went as deep when I first replaced them but it took just a couple of days before they bettered the Tempo SCs in all respects. I think it's the shielding that helps them excel in their focusing and delivery. 

The best part is, they're a bargain for the price ($275/2.5 meters) and are designed by a former employee from Belden Wire & Cable. A sleeper product in this sea of overpriced cables.

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I bought into “good” quality cables some 30 years ago, with Monster “Standard” #12AWG. If I include the cost of Monster banana connectors, I reckon the original investment was south of $300 for a pair of 8 foot cables. Equivalent price today would still be less than $1000, and I’ve got nothing to complain about.

For what it’s worth, best cable ROI in sound reproduction is in “good” speaker cables, because that’s where the greatest amount of signal loss can occur, especially if lighter gauge cables are used. 

The opposite ROI argument can be made about the interconnects as they are enabling the transmission of the lowest level, most "delicate" signal.  If that signal is messed up the best speaker cables extant can't restore what is no longer there.🤔