What speaker cables are most like Speltz cables?

I have been using Speltz Anti-Cables with my speakers for quite some time; I am happy with the sound and have had no urge to change for sonic reasons. However, with a re-arrangement of my system I'd like to use a more flexible cable...and one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Any suggestions?
I have the Speltz cable and I have Signalcable which doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The Signalcable is on my second system, and the review that I read says that the Signalcable is best if it is used with the power cord along with the speaker cable and maybe the IC's. In other words best if all Signalcable is used from beginning to end and then it is great because of synergy. The review is on signalcables website. I've never really a/b ed them. I probably prefer the Speltz. But I believe signalcable could be the most for your money cable. Morrow is another name--more money.
Arnettpartners: interesting...the synergy with Signalcable. I have a mix of IC and power cords and a couple of brands of conditioning equipment so a retrofit is not a viable option. In reading over speaker cable threads Clear Day Cable has my attention as the leading contender. With the 30-day return-or-buy trial seems like a no brainer.
I went from Anti-Cables to Clear Day for the same reason. If you can afford it go with the Shotguns. They don't look impressive but are very flexible and sound fantastic.
..you don't think that Anti-Cables are flexible?? Although there is "body" to them, they can easily be bent into any shape you would like without any damage to the wire or the sound.