What speaker cables to buy for my Krell s300i amp?

My system consist of OPPO Bdp-95 blu-ray/cd player, Legacy Audio Classic speakers and the Krell s300i integrated amp.
Can anyone help the Barbman on a beer budget in selecting a
decent pair of speaker cables for my system? I'm currently using an old pair of Wireworld Atlantis cables in the full range mode but would like to bi-wire as I have in the past with other systems. I listen mainly to Jazz,Blues,mellow rock
classical and concert blu-rays. I've been reading up on Audioquest, Nordost, Kimber cable, just to name a few but don't want to spend more than what my Toyota cost to attain good sound from my current system. I keep hearing from reviewers who tested the Krell s300i that speaker cable selection was the key in getting the best performance from this amp? Thanks to all my audiophile friends at Audiogon!
i had an s300i for about a year when they were released. tried a few speaker cables and came away feeling the acoustic zen santori shotguns/double barrels sounded the best using my aerial 7b's. (didn't try the reg/single line santori's)

not sure what your toyota is worth but if you find a pair of santori's that aren't "mint" (outside mesh chews up easily)....they can be had for well south of $500 depending on length. there's a pair listed now for $350.

kept them when i switched to a levinson 432 and have no desire to look any further. good all around speaker cable imho. my only complaint would be a little too thick/garden hose like.
Thanks a lot to all the audiophile friends who responded to my question I will most definitely look into all the cables mention particularly the one mentioned by Levy03. All the cables mentioned have very good reputations I guess in the end it will be a matter of taste and what I'm hearing.
To this day I haven`t seen any commercial hifi-cable that`s capable of feeding a speaker without major dynamic loss. That`s why I`m using thick massive copper, and I mean thick.
Just be aware that the copper will need about one hour of heavy massage to open up.

This funny things clear up some of the parameters, just not dynamic loss:

Go For Audioquest i have compared Audioquest with all others nothing come closer to it in quality, find whatever you can afford even there low end cables have quality, enjoy
The general theory is the heavier the gauge the better. It's simple Ohm's law in effect in this case. The less resistance from the cable, the more power goes to the speakers.

There is no magic between the $1,000/ft. cable vs. the $3/ft. cable. There may be some trivial effect in an OFC (oxygen free cable), but in my opinion, it's not worth the extra money. A conductor must behave as per Ohms' law, no exceptions.

I also don't believe that some cable companies claim that theirs is superior because they overcame the "skin effect" by using flat cable. Nonsense! Skin effect is so trivial at audio frequencies that it's meaningless. Most of the skin effect takes place in the megahertz and gigahertz frequency ranges.

To show my point, look at the size of the wire from the output transformer (or output transistor) from the inside, going to the back of the amp's speaker connector. Most are not larger than 10 gauge, typically if a transformer, about 16 gauge. Then look at the wire inside the speaker going from the connector to the crossover and then to the voice coil. Most wires going to the voice coil are 18 to 20 gauge!

The length of wire going from your amp to the speaker has a finite resistance which has an effect on the delivery of the power. I never understood how a piece of wire can affect the sound of the music. I tried many and never heard any differences. Remember the fairy tale about "The Emperor's New Clothes"?