What speaker could safely be ordered without hearing it first?

Hi everyone,

I’m in the midst of my speaker search and curious about something.......as noted above. There are some brands I would be interested in based on reputation, reviews, looks etc but may never be able to hear first.

I’m curious what the collective group thinks would be a safe choice having never heard them first. I know there are variables as in size of room, current gear etc. Just want to see what people would suggest. The one I would note based on what I have read is Joseph Audio. I’d also be curious if people would say the same about Borresen.

So it may be a frivolous exercise but I’ll ask the question anyway. Let me know your thoughts.



Interesting service, but it must be a challenge to compete with those that are walking into a store and auditioning speakers.  I do think that @mtbiker29  should audition speakers using his integrated amplifier.  I shopped integrated and speakers as a package and I’m glad that I did because it turns out that the speakers that I purchased are wonderful to listen to, but probably don’t play nice with many amplifiers.  I assume that you also have speakers assembled that can be auditioned at your location.

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I've heard the Joseph Audio speakers, not in my own room, but enough times that it would be an easy recommendation to buy without an audition. 

"How "safe" do you want to be?

Personally, I'd never buy any speaker I couldn’t first audition in my room.

Your money. 

Your ears. "

I'm pretty sure this rarely happens. Its a great idea, but I can't imagine many dealers are going to let you take expensive speakers home, unbox them, audition them,re-box them and then bring them back. They may sell them too you, and let you bring them back with a restocking fee.

I think if you read enough. You can pick a brand/model that works well with your existing gear. I always stay with well known brands that have good resale value.