What speaker do you passionately want to demo?

Beyond the slight curiosity of what speaker you'd "like" to demo (example: every Klipsch horn speaker), what speaker(s) would you "passionately" love to demo?  A brief explanation of "why" you like these speakers would be beneficial.

I'll start:

MBL 101 X-treme - almost a decade and reviewers still say it's amongst the best they'd ever heard.  Probably should be matched to the MBL Electronics

Living Voice Vox Olympian Horn - it's wood (maybe sounds more warm/organic), it's a horn, and it consistently gets good reviews at the Munich High End audio shows.

Muraudio SP1 - Electrostatic + cone hybrid speaker that received many rave reviews.  It's not an easy task successfully marrying the fast electrostatic to the slower cone to sound seamless.  This speaker was on my short list to purchase.

Voxativ AC-XP field coil driver - both Voxative and Pure Audio Project speaker offer the Voxativ AC-XP field coil driver as an optional upgrade, but it's an additional ~$7k (yow).  The reviews leads me to believe that this field core driver is sonically "significantly" superior above other choices.  

Mike Lavigne's Evolution Acoustics MM7 in his dedicated sound room.  The sonics of demoing speakers at storefronts or audio shows can be problematic depending on the audio chain and the room setup.  MikeL has a matured optimized setup that is sonically recognized as excellent by other serious audiophiles.  
The MBL Reference, the Focal Grande Utopia, and Magico M6

Not that I could afford them mind you but I sure would like to hear them.
For me my three choices aren’t super high end nor reach for the sky fantasies. I would love to audition and then chose to purchase the "winner" between:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Magnepan 1.7i
Tekton Double Impact
Tekton Moab
Thanks for reminding me. Your discussion of Tannoy and Fyne reminded me of point source speakers.

Because I was interested in a full range linear performance I dismissed point source speakers from my search in favor of multiple driver speakers thinking they can do a better job maintaining linearity at the frequency extremes. After many speaker demos, I’ve settled on the Magico A5 which I should be able to fund hopefully in a few months.

Simultaneously I was looking for another speaker capable of being driven by a flea watt 300B amp. I was looking for uncolored neutrality and frequency linearity while being able to fit into my home (no massive horns). I’ve finally settled on the Volti Audio Rival 100dB, but wishing for the Volti Vittora’s 102dB performance (likely too large for my room). But I should also consider the “point source” speaker
Coherent Audio MGRA 15 Signature 102dB - Fyne and Tannoy seem less efficient

Funny how sonic differences between flea watt speakers seem less important relative what the 300B the brings to the table.  Maybe it’s the difference between accuracy and midrange warmth magic.