What speaker do you passionately want to demo?

Beyond the slight curiosity of what speaker you'd "like" to demo (example: every Klipsch horn speaker), what speaker(s) would you "passionately" love to demo?  A brief explanation of "why" you like these speakers would be beneficial.

I'll start:

MBL 101 X-treme - almost a decade and reviewers still say it's amongst the best they'd ever heard.  Probably should be matched to the MBL Electronics

Living Voice Vox Olympian Horn - it's wood (maybe sounds more warm/organic), it's a horn, and it consistently gets good reviews at the Munich High End audio shows.

Muraudio SP1 - Electrostatic + cone hybrid speaker that received many rave reviews.  It's not an easy task successfully marrying the fast electrostatic to the slower cone to sound seamless.  This speaker was on my short list to purchase.

Voxativ AC-XP field coil driver - both Voxative and Pure Audio Project speaker offer the Voxativ AC-XP field coil driver as an optional upgrade, but it's an additional ~$7k (yow).  The reviews leads me to believe that this field core driver is sonically "significantly" superior above other choices.  

Mike Lavigne's Evolution Acoustics MM7 in his dedicated sound room.  The sonics of demoing speakers at storefronts or audio shows can be problematic depending on the audio chain and the room setup.  MikeL has a matured optimized setup that is sonically recognized as excellent by other serious audiophiles.  
Nothing in a box, that's for sure.

Probably the newest Maggies...but I already know they are better than anything else out there, so it would be fun listening to their newest ideas.

Got my demo! The used Wharfedale Opus 2-M2 Bookshelf (big bookshelf speakers!) arrived, and I have them running in my room. I thought I would beef up the low end of the 8" woofer a tad bit by running the sub section of the Aspen Acoustics Lagrange L1 preproduction version with them! Splendid! Very pleased to now have this additional flavor in the mix. The 3" soft dome mid will be fun tow work with in various systems. I consider it a successful whim/flight of fancy.

What’s terrific about the 2-M2 is that they are bi-wirable. I am running four channels of the i.V4 Ultra Amp on them currently. Very nice. Next test will be to change the cable config to Schroeder Method of IC Placement going to two channels and bi-wiring. That will give a different flavor. My coup de grace may be four channels with doubled up bi-wired Iconoclast speaker cables. Imagine, 8 speaker cables running to two bookshelf speakers! I know this would juice their performance substantially. I did similar with the King Sound King Tower omni, and it was great! Doubling the speaker cable conductor is a sure fire way to enhance. Thankfully, these are beefy bookshelf speakers, otherwise the sheer weight of the cables could pull pissy little monitors off the stands!

I am glad to have the 2-M2 back in the room. It’s a sizable enough bookshelf to make it worth having. The sound is reminiscent of ATC or PMC - of course at a fraction of the cost. That was my goal, to get the 3" dome mid for kicks. Since they run from 700Hz-3kHz I will be able to assess the advantage of their not having a crossover in the mid region.
Good fun. They are pretty ugly performers for contemporary, poor recordings, as they get messy with compressed music at higher levels, but they sound quite nice with vocals and quieter instrumentals. Once the double biwire is in, though, that could improve markedly. It will be fun to compare them to the refurbished Ohm Walsh Model F.
The Ohm Walsh Tall speakers. Some good reviews, but so unconventional in design. Really would like to hear them in person. 
I'm with you Rushfan 71, Focal Grande Utopia and Magico M6. I own a pair of Focal 1038 BE's and love the focal style, and built quality. I recently had a chance to hear the Magico A3's which did sound nice. So I'm interested in hearing the Big Guy's from Magico. They have a unique build quality to them. Also a fat price tag. Oh well, maybe some day my ship will come in.
Anything from YG Acoustics, just because I love the look.
Devore o/96. I’ve  many positive reviews.
Lets throw in Zu Soul or Soul Supreme.