What speakers for 10k?

Looking to buy the end of game speakers, currently I have Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand. My amp is the Parasound a21 with the Parasound p5 pre amp, Marantz sa8001 sacd and the Marantz sr5001 avr, psa xs15se sub. My budget is 5 to 10k on main speaker upgrade.
"To myself, someone who has designed around 50 speakers over the last 10+ years by using proper scientific priciples, the outright lies in their specification claims and deceptions of how their re-purposed port tubes work is frankly insulting. And to see so many people swallow their line of BS is disappointing."

If you can do it better, then why don't you manufacture and distribute your own line of speakers?
The mainstream audiophile journalists assault on science regarding this hobby is the only reason ridiculous constructs such as the Wavetouch speakers are every allowed to pass mustard in the first place.

I believe that's "pass muster" - which means to be accepted as adequate based on military parlance. But please, pass the mustard and catsup/ketchup, too!
Jughead, you hit a nerve with wolfman by going a different direction than what he is more than likely selling which is probably the same speaker that the guy who told you the black color will make them sound better. Sounds like they are cut from the same cloth.
Enjoy the speakers and just report back after you have spent some time with them. Hopefully Wavetouch is very successful and wish them the best!