What speakers for 10k?

Looking to buy the end of game speakers, currently I have Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand. My amp is the Parasound a21 with the Parasound p5 pre amp, Marantz sa8001 sacd and the Marantz sr5001 avr, psa xs15se sub. My budget is 5 to 10k on main speaker upgrade.

My post was in response to this, posted by After_hrs, in reply to Onemanwolfpack's critique:

"The fact that you are blasting a patent (anyone can look it up) that was issued by a panel of PHD accredited experts in the field shows that you are not close to the expert you claim to be."

My point being, there was no panel of PHD experts evaluating the merits of the device in question. The granting of a patent is not evidence that a device does what it is claimed to do.

I would vote for a pair of B&W 803 Diamonds but I fear your Amp won't do them justice
So.... Irrespective of this threads outcome, for all future customers..

Just use Agons speaker search function to generate a list of potential speakers in this price range. Simple as that...

Enough said!!
I don't think you should even respond to Onemanwolf.....
He just has two posts here and no reputation.

From the time that rest of us folks have on this forum, we know your achievements. And someone has already suspected Onema.....'s intentions, if you read the complete thread.
I've had several pairs of B&W speakers and they are great and very well made speakers, but just not my bag. for me they are too brite and in your face very clinical sounding. and with my VA Mozarts they are very warm and musical and image like crazy! but too laid back and polite. sooo im trying to find that that speaker that's in between the Mozarts and the B&W. GOOD LUCK! RIGHT?