What speakers for 10k?

Looking to buy the end of game speakers, currently I have Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand. My amp is the Parasound a21 with the Parasound p5 pre amp, Marantz sa8001 sacd and the Marantz sr5001 avr, psa xs15se sub. My budget is 5 to 10k on main speaker upgrade.
Interesting about the used Vapors having cosmetic issues... Were they due to manufacturing or careless transport by fed ex or owners? The ones I saw at the shows were flawless.

I always look at the guts of the speaker. The drivers used, the crossovers, how solid the cabinets are. I think that Vapor uses top notch components that are also found in other speakers costing much more.

For me personally, spending $10k on speakers would involve me doing a month or two or research. I imagine there would be many many options out there.

I must say again though that if I had a large enough room, a pair of Nimbus would be on the short list.

There is a pair of Paradigm Tributes local to me for $3700. Pair them with a 2 JL subs and that might be the ticket for me.

There would be quite a few choices and options I would consider
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I don't understand how a thread about looking for "end of game" speakers up to $10K turned into buying the Vapor Audio Breeze?"

I agree with you 100%

Vapor audio!


Rest of the Agon community is sitting still jaded? Or they just not interested input?!

Just saying, there are a Truck load of choices out there, FYI some with the right mind(s), names at this level is irrelevant, but VAPOUR?!, things went down for this company a month ago, now this?.

Any small time manufacturer heading this direction (all well come) need to have research and developent straight, and put forth. Just having the best components in a flashy box will be less less attractive, at least to a enlightneded few. There has to be door stoppers for small scale manufacturers, otherwise a lot of people will be dissatisfied.

Ok now waiting for 5 people to commit hara-kiri in the name of Vapour!!