What speakers for Primaluna

Would be interested in knowing what audio speakers other PrimaLuna owners have found to match well.
I currently use a pair of Triangle Celius ESW supplemented by a REL R305 sub and a pair of Townsend super tweaters.
I have an interest in the newer Triangle Anthal 30th Anniversary modle, but getting your hands on a pair is a real pain due to distribution problems and a few number of dealers. I am looking into alternatives equal in sonics and will match well with my components.
I use the PL Prolouge 3 (pre), 5 (36 tube watts-hi current x-former), and 8 (CDP)

Any advise would be helpful and appreciated

Thank You
I would second the Klipsch suggestion, I use Cornwalls myself. Any high efficiency speaker should sound at least pretty good with the PrimaLuna's. Another speaker I have heard them through is the ProAc Studio 140's, and that was a nice combo.
My Merlin VSMs are a great match for my PL 7 monos. Can't swear that they'll be quite as happy with the 5, but I wouldn't be surprised if this was a great match.
Good Luck.

I am using a pair of Spica Angelus and love the sound. needs bass for many. Also using CEC TL51XR.
I really like my Tekton 6.5t on good rigid stands. 92db with good range and I have them about 12" from the rear wall.