What speakers have you mistakenly let go and then later repurchased?

Or maybe wished you wouldn't have sold? 


OP, only one girlfriend fits that description from the wayback, but that relationship got rudely interrupted by a rapist.

He got caught and sent away, but she went away sooner, sadly.

But, plus side, met sig other who's kept my company for 40 years and running.

Neg side for y'all puts me here and now....sorry. *L*

Spendor D7.  Didn't know what I had- sold them and 3 years later bought the D7.2 which are "it". 

You replaced the Harbeth SHL5s?

Others I would consider buying again Tekton DI

I sold my DIs some years ago and miss them.  Why did you get rid of them?  I'm hesitant about "upgrading" to Moabs or Encores since I'm not sure I would prefer the sound  

Joseph Audio Pulsars. I sold them when I convinced myself it was time to try something "different" in my system and got some Kef Reference 1's. I knew the Pulsars were great when I sold them, but after living without them in my system for about 2 years, I realized just how amazing they are and repurchased them and sold the Kefs. Won't happen again!!!