What speakers have you mistakenly let go and then later repurchased?

Or maybe wished you wouldn't have sold? 


1 - I started with a pair of Lafayette Criterions - bookshelf

2 - I moved up to a pair of Wharfedales, can’t remember the model - bookshelf

3 - I moved up to a pair of Altec Lansing 604Cs - floor

4 - I switched to a pair of Duntechs can’t remember the model - floor

5 - I went back to the Altec Lansing 604Cs

6 - I got correct cabinets for the Altecs


#1-4: from the age of 14 through 26

#5: from age 27 to 38. #6 from 39 the present, I’m 68.

I never sold the Altecs, they just went in storage. The Criterions got thrown out when my parents died. I sold the others. I switched back to the Altecs because A) the Duntechs were terribly inefficient, and after 3 months of use, caused my Futtermans to collapse, and B) in the end, the Altecs sounded much better.



It took quite a while for the Magna Risers Airborne stands for my Maggie MMG’s to be built and shipped to me, and kudos to the company for what was exemplary communication throughout the wait. They care. 

I cannot state that they improved upon anything beyond the aesthetics of the stock Maggie stands, but this is by no means a knock. Those flimsy, Caspar Milquetoast stock stands are an abomination. 

I sold off the REL T5x because I rarely used it. These original model MMG’s won’t do Zeppelin justice, but they more than suffice for the genres of music that I listen to now. From what I’ve been reading about the new model LRS+,  it may be worth my while to place an order soon. Until then these ain’t moving. 


Green Mountain Audio Chromas. I liked them but thought they lacked sparkle. Replaced them with B&W 704 s2's and then bought Legacy Audio Signatures. I listed the Chromas for sale, but no takers. After a few years of owning the Legacies I compared them to the Chromas. The chromas won handily. They were more natural and never fatiguing.  Both the B&W and the Legacies were sold.

OHM A'S and F'S, But in the process of rebuilding a pair of A'S and f's that was given to me for freeeee!!!