what speakers to buy

so this is my 1st time posting. the question is what speakers. i am going into this blind trying to put together a decent system on a budget. i live in a city where bose is considered the high end of high end and the nearest audiophile shops are hours away.
over the years i have owned a lot of vintage gear and still collect some of it. solid state and tube. some of the tube gear was marantz, macintosh, dynaco, heathkit, radio craftsmen, pilot etc. also the usual solid state marantz, pioneer, kenwood, adcom. speakers jbl, polk, altec (model 19 and vott), paradigm, klipsch, bozak, sansui, AR, advent. all the usual suspects
so far i have purchased a copland tube pre cta-305 and a pair of rogue audio m180 amps. all mint condition all under a year old for under half price of new. i also have a denon DP-60L TT 
(with sumiko pearl cartridge)
speaker budget is around 5000 give or take a 1000. if i'm patient i think i can find something that was originally in the 12-20k price range for what i want to spend.
so far i am leaning towards ew andra ii, dali euphonia 800, canton reference 3.2, revel studio ii. size is also a factor and all of these are within that limit.
i have a fairly large area open concept living /dinning and breakfast nook with high ceilings.
and i know "dont buy without listening" but not an option
so looking for some opinions/options

after speakers i will be getting tuner, cd and music server, current interconnects and speaker wire are all ZU mission

You seem to be well satisfied with your Legacy Speakers and after 6 months you still have them.
I almost purchased a pair myself at the beginning of the yr,but one of my dream speakers that I’ve been looking for used came available and I couldn’t resist.

kdude66 what were your dream speakers? always like to know what other people like. did they live up to your expectations?
I was able to buy a demo pair of Lawrence Audio Double Bass Speakers from a dealer that I know for a great price.They have the dark rosewood finish which is gorgeous but I generally like solid black if possible.The sound is just wonderful better in my system than anything I’ve owned in my 40 yrs in this hobby.

I also have a really nice pair of Silverline Audio Bolero supremes that are really nice also.I want to have purchased 3 nice sets of speakers before I retire that I can rotate around every few months,so I’m presently looking for the 3rd,going to have to be something unique and different than what I have already but also something not to big and heavy that I can move myself.

I have heard the Legacy Aerius,a local friend has them,and I recently talked to Bill owner of Legacy about them but they are to big for my room and just to heavy,they are really nice sounding though and are just a work of art in appearance and construction.


Go to a show like Axpona.
The trip is worth the time & money

Then; you'll have so many more speaker options to consider......
Then; It will be so much harder to decide.... Lol

You are asking a tough question
Try some Volti horns.......eye opening

Legacy are great speakers 
Revel are great
B&W are great
Thiel are great 

all require good electronics or sound shrill & fatiguing
good electronics are a must & you appear to have good stuff

Good Luck, I've been listening for 5 years and still can't make up my mind


I replaced Magnepan 3.5Rs with a pair of Emerald Physics KCIIs,. They totally trounced the 3.5Rs and ae super efficient. I upgraded mine from factory with wireWorld OCC internal wiring. You will be hard pressed to match their sound with $5K ++ speakers