What speakers to go with my new Marantz 2265?

Just purchased a nice Marantz 2265 receiver to stand in for my Rotel while it's in the shop. I was thinking something vintage might be nice in the way of speakers but that's not a must. Currently I have my Rotel hooked up to a pair of Paradigm mini monitor V2's which sound great. When I get the Rotel back I'm thinking of having a "vintage sound" system in one room with the Marantz and a more modern sound system in another room utilizing the Rotel. 
I listen to primarily rock and jazz at a "medium" volume due to neighbors in close proximity and play mostly vinyl LP's

What do you recommend to complete my vintage system?  Thanks!

I found a pair of ADS L810's locally in great shape with original stands ...  Yes, they do sound great with the Marantz 2265 but take a bit of getting used to after listening to my Rotel w/Paradigm speakers set up for the last 18 years   :)
A good vintage combination is the Marantz with JBL 4311b or 4312.

Great for rock!