What speakers work best with electronic music?

I've been demoing lots of speakers lately, especially those in the Dynaudio & Focal lines. I personally own the Focus 160's. I listen to electronic music almost exclusively, with a little jazz & classical. I'm starting to find that I may just be looking for these speakers to do something they can't. They can play Jazz, Pop & Classical like I've never heard before in my life, but they just leave me wanting when it comes to electronic music. And it's understandable too, there are times where a single electronic track can have 60 different instruments going at once, sometimes even more. Only thing currently in my system that I wouldn't part with is my stereo F113's. Which speakers under $15,000 (used or new) should I be looking at it that will be able reproduce the complicated nature of a lot of electronic music with ease; something that just has jaw-dropping dynamic range?
USHER AUDIO MINI-ONE. Controlled bass, vivid medium and endless highs. Great for electronic music!!!
My favorites are the OHM Walsh speakers.

In general, the two things needed are

1) speakers that are not undersized for the room and capable of extreme dynamics without breakup or stress

2) an amp capable of driving those speakers TO THEIR MAX. AMps with power output towards minimum vendor recommended pwoer ratings may not be able to cut it and will be more prone to clipping, which is public enemy # 1 in this case. Better to have more power that the speakers can handle than less in general. That's your insurance policy against clipping.

High efficiency speakers alone have an advantage in terms of demand on amp to drive them, but HE speakers that are also well extended in teh bass will tend to be large and expensive. Smaller, less expensive HE speakers may work fine but lack some of the full range extension and dynamics needed to be able to feel the music as well as hear it, which is a key thing for me for this kind of music in particular.

Also room size is a key factor to consider if going for the bomb with this kind of music. In general, bigger speakers will be needed to do teh job in larger rooms than in smaller ones.

Also, a sub or subs can be your friend in this case enabling even smaller monitors to be driven well with less power as long as the powered sub is handling the low end and not the mains.
Schubert, If you are referring to the Bose 901 there is no crossover. The component required with Bose 901 is an EQ.
With electronic music doesn't much matter.
Cheapest Polk or Klipsch at Best Buy will do just fine.