What speakers work well against a wall

I am moving to a new home and space constraints may force use of speakers against a wall.  I would appreciate recommendations for speaker products that work well in thus situation.  Thanks.
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hornguys"A simple thought experiment is the question, "Would I expect a violinist, a pianist, or even a vocalist to sound good from that position? The answer is NO. And another one, "Would any knowledgeable recording engineer ever record such instruments/performers in that location? The answer is NO. So why would we expect loudspeakers to be at their very best in a corner or against the front wall?

This is a misguided, confused or deceptive argument, inquiry or suggestion because some speakers designed for use in Music Reproduction Systems are specifically designed, specified and manufactured to be used in a corner or against a wall and in those locations such speakers will sound they're best when properly executed and installed.