What speakers work with low wattage class A amps

Hi everyone. I am setting up a system and have been really impressed by some low volume listening I was able to do through a class A amp. Class A amps usually have lower watts in a given price range, and are not as practical for big power. What speakers have sensitivity that would make sense for an amp with 25 Watts or less (eg some of the entry level class A options from Pass Labs)?  Are we limited to horn speakers? The speakers I have are said to require “high current amps”. Is this a factor as well? Thanks for your help. 


+1 Coincident Technology and Reference 3a if you don’t want horns, Klipsch, etc.  

A FirstWatt F8 amplifier (by Nelson Pass) drives my Focal Aria 906's just fine, even though the speakers are rated at only 89.5 dB sensitivity. So does a Quicksilver integrated amp. The listening room is moderate size, not a big bare box.

The F8 uses FET transistors that Pass favors. The Quicksilver is a tube amp.


borrenson x3 11k based on the same driver technology on borrensons  reference  z series 90db efficient  very narrow elegant incredibile resolution deep bass for a narrow design


legacy signatures 9k 93 db efficient very deep bass plays very loud


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Hello ahrgef!  High effeciency speakers are excellent choices for low watt amps. Zu Audio makes several models. Many DIY designs are very efficient ad inexpensive to build. You can build a pair of 110 db sensivity speakers for under $500. Look for high speaker impedence as a clue. 16 ohm speakers are usually high efficiency. It's "old school" from an era when talking movies were new and all amps were 20 watts or less. A speaker that requires a "high current" amp is usually low impedence and not very efficient (sub 85 db sensitivity). Magnepan speakers are a good example. I have a pair of LRS currently, will order a new pair of LRS+ soon, and have owned two other models (MGII, 1,7i) in the past. Wonderful sound, but needs an amp that can "push."  My 9 wpc 300B tube amp coaxes wonderful sound from some DIY 110 db sensitive speakers. There is very little difference in the sound of those two systems. Happy Listening!