What spk cables for AA Diavolo and AN Speakers?

Any recommendation for speaker wires to use between Art Audio Diavolo and Audio Note AN E speakers?

I have been waiting for an used pair Audio Note Lexus to show up here but I am running out of patience. What do you guys think about Kondo KSL-SPC or Audience AU 24? They seems easier to find used.

I know I could go for new but nobody would allow home trial. It will be costly if it doesn't work out.

Check out Ridge Street Audio cables..They have a great return policy and have some of the best customer satisfaction in the business...Also great guy ( Robert ) to deal with..If you don't like the cables you simply return and get your money back...
Auditorium 23 are a very 'natural' sounding cable and if you're leaning towards the musical spectrum and not the 'hifi' editorialised side of things I can highly recommend them, they appear fairly frequently here and always sell maintaining their price very well, so in that regard they are a very low risk proposition !
I replaced AU24 with Auditorium 23 and am very pleased. I am no longer looking for speaker cable...it's that good. I use the cable from an Accuphase A-30 to Merlin VSM SE w/ Superbam.
Alpha Core Goertz AG-2.

Terrific speaker cables that won't break your bank account.