What started you on your audiophile journey .

Was it a friend or family members great system , the love of well recorded music , or just needed a hobby .
My journey started when I was about 5 years old; sitting on the floor in front of an old Magnovox mono record player console with a single 6 inch speaker as I was banging away on an old tattered paperback book with a pair of drumsticks while a Beatles album was spinning. It was off to the races! 48 years later, I still get chills sitting in the sweet spot in my listening room.
No kidding. We had an old tv, which needed an upgrade and needed a radio or iPod dock to play music in the kitchen.

Quite rapidly I found some interesting hd tv, and thought it might make sense to hear it with a small 5.1 surround system,...however during the reviewing and testing process, I noticed huge differences in the sound of the same cd depending on the speaker set. I ended up buying a relative low end energyb5.1 surround system and onkyo 805 receiver for my tv and bought an extra set of used spendors s8es with radioshack 12 gauge cables. then came the grado i80 for night listening, the sonos system, the w4s dac, Lfd ncse integrated amp, chord cables. The latest purchase is the Logitech touch for my hi-Rez files. Somewhere in the middle I also purchased a stinky "dingee" for great computer listening.

I wonder what is next? Probably a speaker upgrade.... Love the spendors though. Still hard to beet in that price range.
I had a Yamaha/Mirage mid-fi setup since college (10+ years), and at many times did a lot of dedicated listening on it. A year ago the wife said, "Hey, what do you think about getting rid of our TV?" I said, "Sure, Babe. Think we could upgrade the stereo?"

Shortly thereafter a tube integrated appeared on Craigslist. "Honey," I said, "a series of events are about to unfold..."

At the age of 7 or so I would put my ear near the speaker of my parents early 70's Panasonic-FET Compact system. My mother would ask what are you doing? I told her I was trying to hear the words better(lol).