What stereo equipment do respected musicians listen to?

With all the debate on this piece of equipment is better than that, it got me to thinking… What setup do well respected musicians have, e.g. amps, speakers, etc.  What does Wynton Marsalis listen to, for example?  Just curious and thought it might be a fun topic. 


Wilson speakers tend to be favored by musicians. Note the above post. Possibly one of the reasons I like mine. Musicians ears are like most, they want to hear what sounds good… to them. The reference point might be a little different, but the goal is the same.

 Oh weir has Macintosh gear. Dan Rather interviewed him in front of the rack.  It sure about the speakers though. 

I don't know about musicians but the studious I have been in are filled with Bryston  components.

Joanna Newsom. She stated in one of her rare interviews that she has a "tube-based system with decent speakers",(didn’t advertise any brand names), and finds it funny that her actor husband, (Andy whatever), likes to walk around the house with his ear buds blasting. I read this interview around the time of her release of "Divers." Can’t find the link right now. BTW, ALL of Joanna’s albums have been recorded in old school analog. Go get them.

I set up decent systems for the the Airmen of Note bari player Don New and for a  reed player friend who played all of the major hotel/casinos in the 60s.  They both had dismal setups.  That’s my foray into that world.  I’m sure it varies.