What stereo equipment do respected musicians listen to?

With all the debate on this piece of equipment is better than that, it got me to thinking… What setup do well respected musicians have, e.g. amps, speakers, etc.  What does Wynton Marsalis listen to, for example?  Just curious and thought it might be a fun topic. 


Any mention of ATC usually brings up a lot of typical US audiophile forum nonsense from folks that have never had a proper demonstration of current product.

I'm a musician and I own ATC active monitors in my studio and ATC active tower speakers in my main listening room.

Ad copy or call it what you will, here's the official list:

ATC Client List

On the other hand, I know plenty of musicians that are as happy as can be listening to whatever they can afford, usually stuff that would make most of us get the heebie jeebies. And yes, that's the vast majority. Besides, most professional musicians these day are having a hard time meeting basic needs much less even a moderately priced stereo system. My older son is one of them.

Please keep in mind, those in the audience are hearing a completely different thing than the musicians playing on the stage. Live recordings are never made from the musicians perspective. I know several that think all my systems sound strange. One does this weird cupping thing around his ears, finally locks the hands in position and says, "now it sound like live music". I have no idea what't going on with him but I'm sure this perspective thing many have something to do with it.


So many ignorant, contradictory incorrect suppositions, self satisfying assumptions and so few matches. It’s sickening, really. It’s sickening, really. Weighed against reality, they fall far short of the individualism present in meaningful performing arts and the varied types of humans that occupy that space. And the outright psychosis admitted to here has the second hand embarrassment clowns all trying to cram into a tiny I suppose car that’s on fire and hurtling towards oblivion. 

My ATC 40As also sound great. In fact phenomenal. The question simple enough is how many commenting about the ATC speakers actually own them? That's all. Thanks