What stereo equipment do respected musicians listen to?

With all the debate on this piece of equipment is better than that, it got me to thinking… What setup do well respected musicians have, e.g. amps, speakers, etc.  What does Wynton Marsalis listen to, for example?  Just curious and thought it might be a fun topic. 


I don't want to prolong this in an unnecessary tit for tat but I do feel compelled to respond on three points.

1. I said that I have listened to a "good few recordings i.e. many - not a "few recordings". Perhaps I was being too understated in my post. By the way, I have my ears tested regularly so I know exactly what the state of my hearing is. It's completely normal for my age. Thankfully, I have always used ear protection when being exposed to loud music and I'm careful in the levels I listen and monitor at.

2. There is a significant amount of literature about noise induced notch deafness. I respectfully suggest that it's worth a read if you are not familiar with it.

3. Lengthy involvement in the music business lends weight to your anecdotal evidence but it does not render it fact  - c.f. appeal to authority logical fallacy.

This musician loves his atc 19 v2...been best speaker ive had in my albeit basic system.Sound stage,timber, will most likely move to 35 scm at some point if get into bigger room.Love to have a few other’s (makes) as well..but 19’s are a great monitor.

I use what the pros Use.

Equipment used to produce Music is The Best at Reproducing It.

In 1993 while on a company trip we ventured off one day on an exursion in Ocho Rios to Fern Gully area based on the show.

The tour bus stopped on the road there and we were allowed a few minutes to walk around. I ventured with a few colleagues on the road and came upon a driveway with gates what looked to be a gatekeeper kept yelling and waiving at me to ccme up so I did.  When right at the house on top of the bay that it backed onto which i cidentally was where our hotel was situated was the hill that beared the houses of Johnny Cash Linda Ronstadt as well as Keith Richards and other notables. 

The gatekeeper says...."Hey Mon you want a tour of Keith Richards house?....5 bucks Jamaican each..(there was 5  of us) we were shocked kind of but not in disbelief as we were explained back at the hotel where all the houses were in view from the beach the story of their occupants.  Now this is "93 and the gatekeeper says no worries mon Keith is on tour...and he was I know with the 'Winos peddaling his Main Offender album. Well off we went inside...

Into the main Living Room was a large sectional couch we all sat on in disbelief as well I was staring at a skullhead on the end table...lol knowing full well Keith would have shot us all including his gatekeeper for being in there.

There were a few books on blues music and gold anniversary Monopoly game as well on the coffee table. 

So his entertainment system?

On the wall were numerous Polaroid pics taped to the wall of various shots with Keith and local Rastas and shots of Mick and others to include Aretha Franklyn.

There was a 20" Sony Color TV with Rabbit ears and a "All in one" Sony Mini System for Keith to listen to.

As a musician myself I get it.

The studio is one thing home is another.

I believe musicians dont dwell on detail outside of the studio like some audiophiles do.  That said I just installed a set of Bose 301's yesterday and absolutely love them. Play anything and get the message across thats what they do.  Any musicuan listening back on them say if you played one of their tunes would never feel the listener is "missing out" on what the band was trying to achieve.

Thats all for another thread.


   My brother, before he went off to study the Viola at Indiana State University studied with Milton Preves, a violist who was the first chair in the CSO (Chicago Symphony) Orchestra).  He taught students at his home here on the Northshore.  I was there a few times and actually heard his setup; Klipschorns and McIntosh amplifiers.  Never heard them before.  As a thirteen, fourteen-year-old, I was blown away and I think it had a center channel but that was a long time ago.  It was a large room.

  Charlie Haden owned Naim Audio gear.