What the best 89-90 db speaker I can buy for 3k?

I need a new 3kish speaker that will be used for Classical only
in a 17x 13 space driven by a fully modded Bottlehead III pre and an AVA Synergy 450 ,225 watt per side amp.

No Maggies please, something with at least a 89db efficiency,also do not care for Vandies.
I agree with Larryi about the Lorelei, I had given them an extended listen at capfest and I was astounded. Klaus was playing classical (lone ranger theme) and the sound was full dynamic and what I thought was a thundering low end in a very good way. Dave
Thanks Italian. a personal friend of mine whose opinion I respect told me the same thing as you and Larryi, problem is I never heard them. One of my back-up amps is an Odyssey Stratos .

FYI , the "lone ranger' theme is "The William Tell Overture" by yhe great ITALIAN composer. Gioachino Rossini.
Hi Schubert. First off thanks for the ID of the the Rossini work. My system is an Odyssey candela pre and a stratos amp so I was very interested in hearing Klaus's set up st capfest. And in particular the Lorelei speaker. His setup was driven by a set of kartago monoblocks. Every now and again the lorelei kislmets or the earlier lorelei models come up on Agon. You can goggle the 6moon highly favorable review of the lorelei. As I recall they described the lorelei as I remember hearing them. Not a laid back nor bright speaker but robust room filling. The construction is heavy mdf but with a very nice finish. I did realize one other thing that the synergy with using his ICs with his equipment. After capfest I swapped my silver stuff out with them. Wow should have done long ago. Hope this helps. Dave