What the Best Dac have you heard or owned. How could you tell it was that good.

I wondered what’s the best sounding dac you have heard or owned. What did it do that the others didn’t. 


Ergo, folks who pronounce that there is no point period in a $25K DAC don’t own a high-end system and should avoid making blanket statements about expensive hifi gear if they want to avoid sounding like the guy with the smallest *yacht at the posh Palm Beach yacht club.

I am still laughing at your comment that you think the guy with the smallest yacht at a posh yacht club would care what you or anyone else thinks about him.  And insinuating that those with less expensive systems who love our music care where we are in some imaginary pecking order.

Rossini Player/clock sounds very good, particularly when used as a network player via Ethernet. Yes it's expensive but it can also make other expensive boxes redundant, thus offsetting the cost. (No longer need my Aurender N10, and Sonore UltraDigital, plus associated cables/cords/isolation, etc)

Holo May KTE was also excellent (via I2S / Sonore UltraDigital / Aurender N10) and I could've happily lived with it had I not been exposed to the dCS gear. That said, if I had to downsize back to the May KTE I think I'd adjust pretty quickly and be just as happy.


Well, this thread went deep into the ditch.

Not accurate, this thread started 6 feet under and stayed there.  OPs original post asks for the best DAC anyone has heard.  In his next post he mentions it's the DAC he currently owns.  About 20 posts later he admits that he is a retailer for the DAC, and then only after someone else calls him out on it.